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AGRC Level 3 Certificates accredited by the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF)

This accreditation validates the overall quality, depth, and value of AGRC’s professional qualifications to the global financial services sector.   London, UK –  The Association of Governance, Risk and Compliance (AGRC), a global, non-profit, professional accreditation and certification organisation and networking platform, has received accreditation for its seven Level 3 Certificates by the London Institute […]

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Detecting and Preventing Fraud: Innovation and Technology

Financial institutions are increasingly relying on innovation and technology to combat fraud due to the escalating scale and sophistication of fraudulent activities. The digitalisation of financial services has exponentially expanded the potential for fraud, affecting millions of transactions worldwide. Traditional methods, such as manual monitoring and rule-based systems, are proving inadequate against modern fraud techniques. […]

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Third-Party Risk: Recognising the Danger Alongside

Third-party risk involves potential negative outcomes, like data breaches, operational interruptions or harm to reputation, that a company may encounter when relying on external services or software from outside sources in its ecosystem or supply chain. This encompasses a range of external parties, including software vendors, suppliers, consultants, contractors, staffing agencies and other service providers […]

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