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ESG Investing Certificate

Certificate in ESG Investing

The CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing is already becoming the definitive qualification on this essential topic.

Launched by the CFA UK in 2019, the certificate has global outlook and global appeal, with investment practitioners around the world already benefitting from the knowledge gained.

What is included   

  • Self-paced all-rounder study solution
  • eBook 
  • Mock Exams 


The CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing* explores environmental, social and governance issues in the context of investment decision-making. What are the key issues? How do we identify them? And how do we then incorporate them into our investing? All shall be revealed…

This exam is designed for investment practitioners of all levels – you may be looking to start a career in finance or you may already be running a global multi-asset fund. You may also be advising on or distributing financial products, or working in risk management: the application of this qualification is broad indeed.

LGCA in collaboration with Quartic provides ESG candidates with an intuitive and informative approach: a detailed workbook covering all topics, accompanied by a library of inspirational videos and an extensive question bank with mock exam. 

*The Certificate in ESG Investing is developed, administered, and awarded by CFA Society of the United Kingdom (CFA UK) and successful candidates will receive the CFA UK Level 4 Certificate in ESG Investing.

Additional information

Studying for the ESG Certificate should take between 100 and 150 hours. We recommend spending at least an hour a day on this so that you can sit the exam within around four months of starting. Although you will have a year from registration in which to do the exam, a more intense timetable will make the studying more efficient.


There are nine chapters, of varying length:

1. Introduction to ESG
2. The ESG Market
3. Environmental Factors
4. Social Factors
5. Governance Factors
6. Engagement and Stewardship
7. ESG Analysis, Valuation and Integration
8. ESG Integrated Portfolio Construction and Management
9. Investment Mandates, Portfolio Analytics and Client Reporting


The exam contains 100 multiple choice questions, including a few (multi-question) item sets, and candidates have 2 hours 20 minutes to complete the paper.

You can sit the exam either at a Pearson VUE centre (hundreds of locations around the world) or at home using the OnVUE Online Proctoring service.

To pass the exam you will need a score of at least 60 to 70%. The exact pass mark is not published but is adjusted to take account of question difficulty. You get your provisional result immediately at the end of the exam.


When you pass the exam you will receive the CFA UK Level 4 Certificate in ESG Investing.


There are no formal prerequisites to studying the ESG Certificate. A knowledge of the investment process is useful but not essential. You will also see accounting and mathematical terminology, but proficiency in these areas is not required. Accounting concepts will be fully explained when you meet them, and the exam contains no calculations. Calculators are not permitted (or needed) in the exam itself.

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