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Create Your Own Personal Learning Space with LGCA

With globalization and that nagging pandemic that seems to never end, online education has taken a giant leap forward.

People across the globe have welcomed the wonderful world of e-learning, sitting a myriad of classes online, whether it is an introduction to wine tasting or an intensive bootcamp on coding.

Professionals plying their trade in so many industries have also embraced online learning, whether it is to satisfy their excitement to learn, boost their career prospects, or fulfil their CPD credits and regulatory obligations from the comfort of their office, bedroom, favourite coffee shop, or remote beach.

With this growth in popularity and the convenience it presents, plenty of opportunities have emerged for companies to create robust, interactive, and comprehensive learning spaces for their employees. These platforms allow their teams to study, learn, get certified, and have fun (gasp!) from wherever they are in the world and at any hour of the day.


Long gone are the times when a trainer had to be booked and employees had to clear out their weekly schedules to sit in on a face-to-face class in a dull conference room, consuming valuable time from their daily responsibilities and ability to focus on the organisation’s core business.

In line with this, LGCA offers its clients and potential customers their own Personal Learning Space (PLS) in most issues related to governance, risk, and compliance in the financial services world. Consider it your one-stop shop for training, educational resources, and knowledge on those topics that are directly affecting the life of any professional operating in the global financial markets.

Additionally, organisations looking to set up their team members with a unique Corporate Learning Space (CLS) where they will have access to courses, educational materials, webinar recordings, certificates, and other resources, can rely on LGCA’s solution. As part of this CLS, the organisation’s administrators will also gain access to in-depth reporting to help them keep track of their team members’ training progress and achievements.

Via LGCA’s Personal Learning Space (PLS), users can gain access to a wide array of tools, services, and benefits. These include:

  • An extensive library of self-paced, e-learning courses covering, among others, the following subjects:


    • Compliance
    • Anti-Money Laundering
    • KYC & CDD
    • Risk Management
    • Corporate Governance
    • Financial Crime Prevention
    • EU & UK Regulatory Frameworks
    • Accounting
    • Investment Funds
    • Wealth Management
    • Leadership
    • Project Management
    • Business Ethics
    • And Plenty More!


  • Training programmes to prepare you to sit professional qualifications offered by important associations such as the Association of Governance, Risk & Compliance (AGRC), Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), and Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), and others.
  • A centralized dashboard that produces on-demand, accurate, and time sensitive reports that track your progress and performance as you complete your training.
  • Educational videos and webinar recordings covering trending topics that are pertinent to the financial services sector.
  • Lifetime access to the certificates you’ve collected during your period of studies with LGCA, plus all of your course materials, presentations, videos, and other educational resources distributed during your training sessions.
  • Feedback forms where you can help LGCA improve its products and services and suggest potential courses for LGCA to design, develop, and deliver.
  • Embedded communication systems from which you can communicate with our customer service team and get all of your questions answered.
  • A library of microlearning (10-minutes long) courses on topics ranging from sales to human resources to project management to cybersecurity and beyond.
  • A vast array of discounts and other prizes via our gaming and rewards system.

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Come and discover your own Personal Learning Space by joining any of LGCA’s self-paced, live online, or in-person training programmes today!