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Demetris Savvides

Richard Comotto

Demetris Savvides holds degrees in law, management and criminology and has been a lecturer in for more than nine years in the field of business law and management having taught numerous courses in business, corporate, taxation, GDPR and criminology, with an extensive record in academic publications in internationally renowned business journals. In addition, Demetris Savvides is an experienced corporate lawyer helping hundreds of companies in their normal functioning, engaging in transactional and legal advisory including advisory relating to day-to-day business regulatory issues, GDPR implementation matters, and corporate tax planning. Tending to clients, both domestic and international, Demetris Savvides has gained vast experience in dealing with business matters right from inception and catering to the regular corporate and compliance needs for successful functioning to empowering companies to scale to their potential. Demetris Savvides has had a notable track record of advising clients in corporate transactions that are vital for their business. His overall commercial corporate experience has both the in-depth knowledge of business laws and corporate finance as well as the practical advantage of for providing all-round service to the companies, which encompasses corporate commercial and tax structuring of a business whether domestic or through foreign investment, process incorporation via sustainable models which optimize the needs of the business, day to day compliance process for smooth functioning, ensure optimum use and action of corporate finance, as well as strategizing takeovers or winding up at appropriate junctures