Financial Promotions: Digital Media and Compliance


Financial Promotions: Digital Media and Compliance

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Digital media is a fact of modern financial services and marketing life. This course primarily explores the world of marketing in a digital age. It also covers as many Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) conduct of business rulebooks as attendees wish to consider (COBS, ICOBS, BCOBS, MCOB and CONC).

Social media brings extra challenges. Staff need to know when and how to use it and how to spot inappropriate or non-compliant behaviour. Equally, customers answer back. Therefore the course tackles complaints identification in the digital-land. 

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Course Syllabus

1. The real world

  • Digital applications

  • Ordinary law, good taste, company procedures

  • Re-tweeting and liking and their effects

  •   Learn how to spot whether staff are acting on behalf of the firm or not

  • Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) Codes of Advertising Practice

2. Financial promotions and client communications regulations

  •  Review the legislative framework

  • Defining promotions – how to write a promotion

  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s powers

3. The FCA rule book

  • Finding the rulebooks and learning to time-travel

  • Overview of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Principles

  • Scope of application of COBS, ICOBS, MCOB, CONC, BCOBS 

  • Financial Ombudsman Service – its legal basis, jurisdiction and summary dismissal filter, investigation and awards

  • Discuss non-promotional & Image advertising

  • Clear, fair & not misleading – its meaning

  • Describing risk and the prominence required

  • Describing the security for a loan

  • Learn about the BBA/BSA Advertising Code for deposits & website direct offers of deposits

  • Restricted expressions – what is restricted in advertising?

  • The need for promotions to be clearly identifiable

  • Giving and not giving names – those of the firm, regulator & FSCS – websites, letter and e-mails

  • Comparisons and pricing claims

  • Tax consideration

  • Learn from Past performance – how to look at your data

  • Compulsory features of credit promotions

4. Social and digital media elements

  • FG 15/4 Social media and customer communications 

  • Venue neutrality and standalone compliance

  • Pay-per click & search engine optimisation

  • Understand common website issues

  • How to dealwith unsolicited e-mails

5. Complaints

  • Website disclosure of how to complain & identification of complaints

6. Basic systems and controls including records

Learning Objectives

  •  Understand the regulator’s approach to digital and social media

  • Appreciate the FCA’s authority with regard to promotions

  • Learn the basics of financial promotion regulation by both FCA and ASA as applied to digital media

  • Learn the differences between compliant and non-compliant

  • Gain appreciation of the environment in which compliance regulation operates, including marketing, senior managers responsible for complaint handling

  • Be able to identify an online complaint and understand the advance disclosure rules on complaints

  • Identify and apply basic risk management strategies

Who is the course suitable for?

This course is suitable for marketing staff of all levels, digital media specialists, product technical people involved in promotion compliance and risk. It is also suited to senior managers responsible for promotions and advertising.


Adam Samuel


Date And Time

03-March-2020 - 09:30
- 16:30




The London Institute of Banking & Finance

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Compliance Skills

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