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Financial Crime Prevention Specialist (FCPS)


This FCPS Certificate is offered in collaboration with Investment Academy in Saudi Arabia and GCC

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Investment Academy (IA) 

LGCA’s partner IA is leading financial training provider in Saudi Arabia and GCC, headquartered in Rhyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is authorised by the Ministry of Commerce and regulated by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation. IA is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Saudi Arabia and the GCIBFI of Bahrain. IA is an ILM Recognized Provider, offering an array of training programs in the financial and managerial domains to banks, brokerage houses, institutions and governmental bodies in Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries. IA also has a roster of training courses for individuals and the business community.

About FCPS
Here are the main benefits of the FCPS course:
  • Comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to prevent financial crime, including a general understanding of what constitutes financial crime, financial crime risks, the different typologies of fraud at an individual and institutional level, and how to develop a solid fraud response policy for your company.
  • Its heavy reliance on practical case studies offers you a practical and hands-on approach to learning about financial crime and what is needed to curtail or prevent it altogether.
  • The necessary tools, information, practices, and skills to transform you into an in-demand professional for financial institutions and other organizations looking to strengthen their departments dedicated to the prevention of financial crime.
  • Year-round registration with the option to complete the 15-hour online interactive Certification in Financial Crime Prevention at your own pace and schedule within 3 months, plus two attempts to pass the two-hour final exam consisting of 100 multiple choice questions. If you’re in Saudi Arabia, you can complete this Certificate in person with our official training partner IA.
  • Free one-year membership to AGRC, where you can exchange knowledge and share experiences with GRC professionals worldwide.
  • Use of the AGRC’s professional designation as a compliance professional.
The Financial Crime Prevention Certificate’s Curriculum

AGRC’s certificate in Financial Crime Prevention covers the following specific topics:

  • The main Types of Financial Crime including fraud, tax evasion, market abuse, money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery, and corruption
  • Key Procedures and Processes companies and staff members should put into practice to help prevent financial crime
  • Cybersecurity issues
  • International Economic Sanctions
  • Compliance Programs and Ethics
  • Asset Recovery
  • International Standards in financial crime prevention
  • Whistleblowing

Expected Learning Outcomes

Here’s what you can expect to achieve following the completion of this Financial Crime Prevention Certificate:
  • Understand what involves financial crime and what constitutes financial crime risks
  • Define and implement proper fraud controls for your company
  • Gain a solid understanding of fraud typologies in the banking sector
  • Understand identity theft, electronic crime, and ways these are used by criminals
  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge of bribery and corruption at an institutional level
  • Develop a fraud response policy for your company
Target Audience

The FCPS Certificate has been designed for professionals looking to build a career in the prevention of financial crime, either at an organizational or governmental level. This might include staff working in or aspiring to work in the compliance or AML area, new graduates from any discipline, employees involved in risk, financial crime prevention, AML and/or compliance functions, or those wanting to build a career in compliance in the fields of Banking, Insurance, Asset Management, Funds, and other financial services.


Exams information 




5 days training, 15 hours 

Assessment Format: 

100 Multiple Choice Questions 

Passing Score: 



Arabic for teaching and Arabic or English Test 


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