London Governance & Compliance Academy

Grahame White

Currently Director of Analysis International a bespoke financial intelligence and analytics Advisory and Training company with a global footprint and client base, across US/UK/EU/Africa Financial, Military and Law Enforcement organizations. Analysis International is fast becoming recognized as one of the primary deliverers of the most effective, AML/CFT and Human Trafficking Advisory/Mentoring and Training Programmes. Former Head of European Operations for ACAMS (Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists) based out of Miami Florida.

Grahame and his team have a substantial network of contacts in the Global Banking Financial Crime and Intelligence regime having spent four years working closely with senior figures to support their staff and organizations on Investigations, qualifications, training, and staff career development.


Graham holds a Holds a Master’s Degree in Fraud Management and CAMS certificate. Previously, a Detective at the National Terrorist Financial Investigations Unit at New Scotland Yard with substantial Counter Terrorist Financing and AML/Financial crime Investigation experience.  Employed within the Public Sector Corruption and Money Laundering Unit with direct responsibility to investigate Serious and Organised Fraud against the Public Purse.  This role included the gathering of financial data and evidence from financial institutions for use in evidence and analysis, which included complex and diligent investigations around the deliberate and systematic abuse of banking and audit systems by both staff and third parties in high profile Government Departments.


Grahame was also part of the New Scotland Yard anti-Corruption Command looking at major Corruption allegations against public figures and law enforcement employees, from the financial and criminal perspective. Employed as dedicated financial investigator in the investigation, identification, and disruption of Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering in the UK and for UK interests overseas.  Responsible for the financial profiling of terrorist suspects at the request of both the UK Security Services and the Counter Terrorism Command.   Responsible for direct support to and liaison with retail financial sector on terrorist financing and money laundering matters.

Bespoke In-House Training 

Select any of the below topics and contact us for a free consultation and a quotation. Upskill your organization through LGCA: 


  • AML – Anti-Money Laundering (Awareness)
  • CDD and EDD – Customer Due Diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence
  • ABC – Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • Writing an effective SAR/STR – Suspicious Activity/Transaction Report
  • Correspondent Banking
  • TBML – Trade Based Money Laundering
  • MVTS – Money or Value Transfer Services
  • Asset Restraint and Unexplained Wealth Orders


  • Foundation Simulation
  • Advanced Public Sector Intelligence


  • Fraud
  • OCNs – Organised Criminal Networks (including specific courses on Human Trafficking and Organised Motorcycle Gangs (Netherlands))
  • Sanctions Awareness