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Helen Pettifer


Helen Pettifer is a Customer Service consultant and trainer, specialising in consumer vulnerability since early 2018.

Helen has built up a strong brand reputation for her work in raising awareness and understanding within organisations on how they can best support vulnerable customers.

This work has been delivered across all sectors, however predominantly within the financial and public sector.

Guest speaking at conferences, forums and on webinars and podcasts, Helen has launched her own podcast entitled ‘Unlocking Vulnerability’.

Working closely with charities and organisations, Helen’s aim is to instil a desire in individuals to treat others fairly, respectfully and kindly, without exception, to create a world in which everyone feels valued and heard.

Helen’s training is interactive, engaging and relevant, achieving a client training feedback score of 9.93 out of 10 for 2019.


An experienced Customer Service Manager, Helen has completed training with the Alzheimer’s Society, The National Autistic Society, Cruse Bereavement and suicide prevention training in order to ensure her vulnerable customer training is relevant and meaningful.

Research is a key element to Helen’s personal and professional development and she regularly reads and reviews regulatory guidance and news, legislation, standards and changes to industry practices, specifically relating to consumer vulnerability.


  • Vulnerable customers strategy and delivery
  • Customer experience strategy and delivery
  • Complaint handling
  • Communication skills
  • Emotional Intelligence development
  • Assertiveness skills