Innovation Academy

Innovation Academy

In the new hyper-connected world, where innovation is pervasive and engrossing, companies need to adapt and reinvent themselves in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Through the Innovation Academy, we help organizations bring innovative change to their core business and maintain their competitive advantage. We expose your teams to leading tools and methodologies, push them out of their comfort zones and encourage them to identify growth opportunities, develop agile thinking strategies and problem-solving skills and ensure that your business thrives in the age of automation.

Our aim is to support you in building capabilities that will drive strategic innovation in the long term.

The following is a summary of Innovation Workshops offered by LGCA.

Title: Partnering for success: Startup-Corporate collaboration for innovation workshop

Description:  Increasingly, corporates and startups are forming mutually beneficial partnerships. These relationships are helping to accelerate innovation and keep incumbent firms rooted in new technology, processes and market opportunities. By partnering with startups, established organizations benefit from instant access to agile and dedicated teams that have the experience and know-how of identifying opportunities for innovation and executing them. But understanding and finding a viabel fit for a partnership with a startup is a key element for success. During this in-depth workshop, you will understand the principles of open innovation, the benefits and shortcomings of working with startups, the different methods for collaboration and how to forge a win-win-win situation for your organization, the startup and your customers/stakeholders.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • appreciate the urgency of innovation in the corporate world
  • identify the challenges of innovating in your organization
  • recognize the benefits and challenges of Startup-Corporate collaboration,
  • examine matches between potential partners, and
  • familiarize yourself with the tools and methodologies used to create an innovation culture

Target audience: C-level executives, Innovation leaders within organizations, leaders across the company

Duration: 2 days

Title: Creativity and innovation workshop

Description: During this hands-on workshop, we will work with your teams in order to unleash their creativity and help them develop a portfolio of innovative ideas. We will expose delegates to tools and methodologies such as mind-maps, design thinking and the lean canvas and assist them in unlocking their creativity in order to achieve their personal and professional best.

Target audience: Middle management, innovation practitioners within organizations

Duration: 2 days

Title: Corporate innovation course for executives

Description: At the end of this course, you will have an in-depth understanding of how disruptive technologies will affect businesses and provide the necessary future knowledge and skills to your staff.  You will understand what functionalities of technical products change the face of business and how to harness them.  You will be able to identify siloes and barriers of change within your organization and understand how to overcome them.  You will examine the distinction between automatable skills and soft skills such, as problem solving, art of negotiation, strategy and design thinking.   

You will familiarizes yourself with the various tools and methodologies to create an innovation culture and manage a portfolio of ideas.

Target audience: C-level executives, innovation leaders within organizations, leaders across the company

Duration: 1 day

Title: Innovating your business model course

Description: During this course, you will be exposed to different examples of business model innovation and understand how industries are being transformed as a result. You will develop an understanding of how innovative solutions link to your business strategy and growth.  You will be presented with tools and methodologies which will allow you to discuss, evaluate and innovate your own business model concepts.

Target audience: C-level executives, innovation leaders within organizations, leaders across the company, business developers

Duration: 1 day

Title: Internal hackathon

Description: An internal hackathon has the potential to become a productive ground for new ideas. It is an excellent way to stimulate the creative and problem-solving skills of your staff outside their day-to day-role where risk-taking may be impractical or frowned upon.  A hackathon will enable them to test ideas in an environment with a low cost of failure. Through the hackathon, we expect each participating member to complete the weekend with a ‘Pet Project’ endorsed by management that they would focus a small percentage of time on and develop into something impactful for your business. Within the hackathon timeframe, we will educate and familiarize your staff with the trends and innovations in your industry, the concepts of mind mapping and of design thinking and support them with the ideation process, encourage them with creating a value proposition and developing a pitch that will be presented in front of a panel at the end of the hackathon.

Target audience: Leaders across the company, innovation leaders, employees.

Duration: 2.5 days