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International Certified Corporate Governance Officer (ICCGO)

This ICCGO certificate is offered in collaboration with Investment Academy in Saudi Arabia and GCC

(teaching language: arabic)

Investment Academy (IA) 

LGCA’s partner IA is leading financial training provider in Saudi Arabia and GCC, headquartered in Rhyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is authorised by the Ministry of Commerce and regulated by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation. IA is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Saudi Arabia and the GCIBFI of Bahrain. IA is an ILM Recognized Provider, offering an array of training programs in the financial and managerial domains to banks, brokerage houses, institutions and governmental bodies in Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries. IA also has a roster of training courses for individuals and the business community.



The ICCGO Certificate is awarded to professional officers in the Corporate Governance domain. Each candidate must join a five-day workshop and sit a subsequent exam. Successful candidates are awarded an ICCGO Certificate to acknowledge their knowledge and skills pertaining to Corporate Governance concepts and implementations.

     Programme Outline 

  • Corporate Governance Definition, Characteristics, and Importance
  • Corporate Governance Determinants and Principles
  • Parties Involved in Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Governance: Transparency and Disclosure
  • Corporate Governance and Risk Management
  • Risk Sources and Impact Assessment
  • Internal Audit
  • Financial and Administrative Corruption
  • Anti-Corruption Mechanisms
  • Corporate Governance Report Components
  • Corporate Governance Report Preparation
  • Corporate Governance Sample Report Preparation
  • Examining Examples of Corporate Governance Reports of some Organizations


Exams information: 



120 min

Assessment Format: 

100 Multiple Choice Questions 

Passing Score: 



Arabic for teaching and Arabic or English Test 


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