PCI Compliance Security Awareness Training Level II



PCI Compliance refers to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. If your company accepts credit card payments, this concerns you. The PCI Security Standards Council has established 12 PCI compliance requirements. Together, they create secure networks, protect data, and manage access to that data.

CFISA’s Employee PCI Level I and Level II training courses are designed to help businesses and organizations to comply with the PCI DSS employee training standards, empowering your employees to protect your organization and customer data.

Level II PCI-DSS course includes all Level I lessons and extends employees security awareness training on best practices to protect your workplace. Level II also teaches employees about identity fraud and how human behavior is exploited by cybercriminals.

Level II PCI-DSS Training

15 Lesson Course. Total Time: 111:16

Learning Outcome:

– How to properly protect credit card and personal information
– Basic safe use of the internet
– Protecting your personal workspace
– Creating strong passwords to increase security
– Recognizing social engineering
– Protecting against viruses, spyware and spam
– Today’s risks – acceptable use of electronic resources
– Device management – Internet of Things
– Phishing and email best practices
– The impact of cybercrime and identity fraud
– Today’s threats
– Social media security
– How behavior is exploited by cybercriminals
– Security best practices away from the office
– Protecting the workplace from identity fraud


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