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Savvas Savvides

Savvas has been a regular member of the Faculty of the Harvard University, Program on Investment Appraisal and Management, since 1986.

He designed and developed the original RiskMaster for use in his lectures in the above programs and subsequently of the original RiskEase which succeeded RiskMaster.

The companion paper of his original lectures on risk analysis at Harvard, “Risk Analysis in Investment Appraisal” published in Project Appraisal Journal, Volume 9 Number 1, pages 3-18, March 1994 by Beech Tree Publishing, has become a classic and one of the most widely read academic articles on the use and application of Monte Carlo simulation in Capital Investment Appraisal and Project Finance.

Links to this and other publications by S. C. Savvides can be accessed below:

You can download more articles published by Savvakis C Savvides from the Author’s page at the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN) electronic library. You can also download them from the host of economic policy Development Discussion papers published by the Harvard Institute for International Development – (HIID).