London Governance & Compliance Academy

LGCA’s Half-Year Review: Partnerships, Expansion & More!

Despite the ongoing pandemic and the war in Ukraine, the London Governance & Compliance Academy (LGCA) has had quite an active, busy, and rewarding first half of 2022.


As with every year since LGCA’s inception a handful of years ago, the organisation continues to enhance, evolve, and expand its training programmes, professional qualifications, and educational services to better cater to your needs, interests, and regulatory obligations as GRC professionals in the financial services sector.


LGCA also upholds its firm belief and passion in providing you with excellent and comprehensive customer care and the personal and professional attention you crave from your educational provider of choice.


This is further supported by the company’s adoption of technological advancements to facilitate the delivery of fully customised training, develop more interactive and engaging courses, and simplify your job so that you can focus on those oh-so-important revenue-generating activities.


During this first half of 2022, plenty of beneficial partnerships have been penned, many programmes have been introduced to new countries, and unique courses have been rolled out, all with the ultimate goal of making your life as a financial services professional simpler, more successful, and packed with learning opportunities of all shapes and sizes.


As part of the organisation’s efforts to bring governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) training to every corner of the globe, LGCA has partnered up with Now Training, First Intuition, and Hemsley Fraser, among others, to make its GRC portfolio more readily available to each and every one of you.


Via these mutually-beneficial agreements, these companies will be making LGCA’s roster of courses, including the FCA library and professional qualifications set up by the Association of Governance, Risk & Compliance (AGRC) and CISI, among others, available to you and many of their other clients across the globe.


These partnerships will allow LGCA to spread its wings and reach more of you, professionals who are eager to pick up the ins and outs of the GRC world, build a solid foundation for your career in the financial services sector, upskill via globally recognised professional qualifications, and ultimately help your company remain compliant.


Most importantly, if you’ll be taking an exam for any of AGRC’s certificates and fundamental courses, soon enough you will be completing these via YouCap Enterprise, an independent exam provider solution based out of the UK. This specific collaboration will streamline the test-taking process and allow for it to be proctored by a third party, guaranteeing impartiality, efficiency, and fairness. You know you will be in safe hands when sitting one of AGRC’s many examinations.


Expanding on this growth, LGCA has also joined forces with The Morgans Consortium, Taxativa, and the Leadership Institute for Administrators to bring many of its programmes to Nigeria, Brazil, and South Africa, respectively.


These huge markets are in need of solid, reliable, and comprehensive GRC training opportunities, so it made perfect sense to partner up with established local training organisations to make LGCA’s programmes available to the wider masses of African and Latin American professionals.


While the training opportunities being offered in Africa are in English, the two AGRC fundamental courses on anti-money laundering and KYC/CDD delivered by Taxativa are in Portuguese, making them some of the first self-paced, online educational offerings available to the Brazilian market on these particular subjects.


If you are in any of these regions, keep your eye out for future training releases, insightful events, special discounts, and other benefits geared primarily for the growing GRC sector in Africa and Latin America.


Finally, LGCA has ramped up its live online activities, releasing a packed schedule of courses for the fall of 2022 on many of your favourite and most crucial GRC topics.


LGCA has paid close attention to your needs, interests, and regulatory obligations, designing a roster of training programmes that cover these and provide you with that opportunity to finetune your skills, pick up new knowledge, and ultimately boost your career in GRC.


Courses to be delivered include topics such as ESG, Operational Resilience, Securities, the FCA’s New Customer Duty, Financial Promotion under COBS, Market Abuse, Solvency II, Risk-Based Compliance Monitoring, Risk Governance for Directors, Basel III, and plenty more. As usual, if you don’t see the course of your choice on the calendar, get in touch and the LGCA Support Team will do its best to accommodate your preference.


As a preview to this fall schedule, in June LGCA offered some of you a complimentary 5-hour course on Operational Resilience in the UK as a way of raising awareness on this important component of a financial firm’s operations, one that requires special attention particularly during times of uncertainty.


These efforts also complement the release in early 2022 of AGRC’s Certificate in Sanctions Compliance, a certificate that has gained plenty of interest and applicability following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and the imposition of widescale international economic sanctions on Russia by both the United States and the European Union.


Stay tuned for plenty more during the second half of 2022, including training programmes for AGRC certificates in Corporate Governance, Compliance in Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), and Risk Management, as well as a Diploma in AGRC for those of you looking for an in-depth and comprehensive GRC study programme.


To talk to LGCA about its courses, educational services, and other offerings, email us at or give us a buzz at +44 (0) 203 5140270. Our team of experts would be happy to help!