London Governance & Compliance Academy

New AGRC Certificate in International Economic Sanctions Compliance Hits the Market

As AGRC’s official training partner, LGCA now offer this unique and comprehensive certification for GRC professionals.

LONDON, United Kingdom – Following its mission of providing the GRC world with cutting-edge, fully online and affordable certifications, the International Governance and Compliance Association (AGRC), in collaboration with London Governance and Compliance Academy (LGCA), is excited to announce the launch of its Certificate in Sanctions Compliance.

This self-paced, 15-hour training program, which relies heavily on case studies and a hands-on approach to international economic sanctions, equips GRC professionals with the skills, tools, and knowledge they need to tackle the challenges posed by this issue on behalf of their organizations.

Mateo Jarrin Cuvi, AGRC’s Global Manager for Partners and Media, said: “During the past couple of decades, international economic sanctions have become an important tool in global governance, used by both countries and international organizations to smartly target a wrongdoing country’s political and economic elites. Our certificate prepares today’s GRC professional to properly comply with the growing number of regulatory obligations faced by companies, financial institutions and governments doing business with these targeted individuals.”

Besides providing professionals with a solid understanding of the definitions, concepts, and current trends in the world of international economic sanctions, professionals should leave the course ready to design a sound and effective sanctions compliance strategy to mitigate their organization’s risk of facing significant fines, penalties, and other adverse consequences.

Additionally, professionals who choose to complete this certificate will receive a one-year free membership to AGRC and benefit from the organization’s multiple networking opportunities, discounts to global GRC conferences, webinar and interview series, and plenty of other perks.

Stavros Fatta, LGCA’s CEO, said: “AGRC’s Certificate in Sanctions Compliance is a wonderful addition to the roster of professional certifications offered by LGCA. It covers a highly topical subject that will be of great interest to individuals working in international business or compliance professionals looking to gain a greater understanding of how international economic sanctions might affect their role.”