Why Choose LGCA

Why Choose LGCA For Your Training

The LGCA will create a trusted partnership with you to promote a more productive workplace, by providing programs and a learning experience which meet your organisational goals, individual needs and development and that comply with regulatory requirements.

We provide value for money and an exceptional service to you, by:

  • Collaborating with you to understand your training requirements and provide a bespoke and flexible training solution
    Offering up to date, accredited courses, to meet today’s market needs.
  • Maintaining continuous support, advice and guidance for all your training needs
  • Using advanced educational techniques and a state of the art technology in a highly engaging and interactive learning experience, which works seamlessly and securely with your in-house platforms

Our Mission

  • To provide individuals working in the financial services sector with relevant and practical knowledge, skills and qualifications 
  • To ensure your business is compliant with legal and regulatory obligations, thus increasing engagement and productivity
  • To be your partner and guide you seamlessly through the continuous change in the financial services sector and assist you in creating a culture of compliance and responsibility

Our values

Excellence: We deliver the highest standards in all of our professional activities.

Innovation: We develop new courses, seminars and trainings, incorporating the latest trends in teaching methodology.

Service: We meet your needs at both the individual and organizational levels.

Flexibility: We create a collaborative partnership with you and actively listen and implement your needs.

Community: We provide you with opportunities for professional learning and development, recruitment advice and consulting.